Self Love workbook for beginners for FREE
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Beginners Self-love workbook for free PDF

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If you find it hard to start your self-love journey, I got you. I made an awesome self-love workbook for beginners and it is totally free.

Self-love can be really hard. I know it is. Because I myself have struggled (and still am) with it. It is a never-ending journey and you have to start it anyways. It is always working and improving. And to start it, it can be overwhelming. Take small steps.

This workbook is really for beginners. I will make more workbooks that will go deeper, this one really covers the basics.

  • The self-love workbook pdf comes in sizes A4 and US Letter (In a ZIP file). If you can’t download a zip file, make sure to log in to my VIP page after you have subscribed, you can download the PDF files separately there.
Self Love workbook for beginners for FREE

What can you expect in this 33 pages self-love workbook?

Index of the workbook

  • How to use this workbook
  • What is self-love?
  • Are you loving yourself?
  • How is your relationship with yourself right now – QUIZ
  • Quiz results
  • Negative Thoughts Assignment
  • What are your goals for more self-love?
  • Goal 1, 2, 3, 4, and all the steps you need to take to reach these goals
  • Self-love weekly planner
  • Self-Love Quiz to fill in again after a few weeks
  • Self-Love Quiz results before and after/during
  • What to still work on

Take the Quiz to determine your starting point of your relationship with yourself


This Quiz helps you to start your self-love journey. By taking it you will see your starting point. After working for a few weeks on your self-love, with the help of this workbook, you take the test again and see your progress.

Set goals for more self-love

This free workbook will help you set goals for more self-love. You will set 4 main goals and write them down in as much detail as you can. I included a really helpful self-love planner to keep track of your goals and steps.

An example of a goal for more self-love could be:

I want to speak more kindly to myself.

You will write down the steps you need to take to complete this goals. Like giving yourself a compliment every day. You will write this step down on the planner and fill in the square on the days you completed this task.

By keeping track of your goals and tasks/steps, you are more motivated to work on them. And lets be honest, it looks really cute, doesn’t it?


Download your self-love workbook PDF for FREE!!!

Don’t wait any longer and start your self-love journey, you are worth it!

Get your free self-love workbook HERE!!!

By downloading this awesome workbook you will subscribe to my newsletter and have access to my VIP page where you can download all my free printables. And I will make many more soon.

I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to leave a comment with your feedback =)!

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