Woman waking up, opening her curtains, starting the daily habits for her self-care morning routine

How to create your perfect morning routine

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Don’t we all want to start our day in the right way? Don’t we all dream of that one perfect morning routine? I know I did. And finally, I have created mine. And I will share my morning routine with you, so you too can start building your own perfect morning routine.

So it is time for you to finally stop wondering how to have the perfect morning routine. And start reading, take notes, and pin this.

Why is having a morning routine important?

The way you start your morning will determine the rest of the day. Don’t believe me? Take a look at your own mornings.

If you start the day stressed, don’t you feel more stressed throughout the whole day?

So, when you start your day calm and peaceful. You will feel more calm and peaceful throughout the day too.

In our crazy lives, in this crazy time. We all crave more peace in our minds. And I know for sure that these habits will help you to start your day positive and have a successful day.

I don’t have time for a morning routine.

Do you think you have no time for a morning routine? I understand why you think that. There is so much to do in the morning.

Maybe you are still in school, or maybe you need to do your morning routine before work. There could be kids, pets, or maybe you live alone (like me) and don’t like the hassle of doing 1000 things when you just woke up.

I absolutely do not like to be bothered in the morning. I need to start my days slow, but I also like to do something productive and practice self-care.

So if you want to create a healthy, easy and realistic morning routine. That can take as long as you want it to be, this article is for you.

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12 daily habits for your perfect morning routine

1. Wake up early (or earlier)

Woman waking up, opening her curtains, starting the daily habits for her self-care morning routine

My day starts at 9 am (I am chronically ill and spend my days at home, in recovery, and working on this blog), and I wake up around 6 am.

That means I wake up 3 hours before I want to start my day. That also means 3 hours of ME-time, where I can focus on my needs and practice self-care.

Now I can hear you thinking. Waking up 3 hours before I need to leave my home?! No way! I rather sleep a little bit longer. I need my sleep.

Well yes, good point. But how about instead of sleeping a bit longer in the morning, you go to sleep a bit earlier in the evening?

Experiment with how much time you need for your own perfect morning routine

What works for me, doesn’t necessarily have to work for you too. When I feel that 3 hours are amazing, you might prefer 2 hours instead. Just experiment and try out what works for you.

Remember, this is about creating your perfect morning routine, not mine. I am just here to give you tips and show you what works for me.

It is up to you to make it your own.

2. Do not press snooze. I repeat for the people in the back. Do NOT press SNOOZE.

Woman waking up pressing the snooze button

If you want to ruin your morning routine, press snooze. But you don’t want to ruin your morning routine now do you? So stop it. Just stop it.

I know it is so tempting to press that snooze button. But trust me, you will only feel more tired after pressing snooze 10 times because it is extremely bad for your health.

I get that snoozing is bad, but it is so hard to get out of bed

I feel your pain, I understand your struggle, I have been there. Not even that long ago. And I promise you, this feeling can change fast.

How? Consistency.

Boring.. but it is the truth and sometimes the truth is boring. You will have to go to sleep around the same time and wake up around the same time every day.

I don’t feel super tired when I wake up anymore. Do I jump out of my bed singing and full of energy? No, let’s stay realistic here. It just gets easier with time. It will. I am not saying it will ever be easy, just easier.

Have you tried everything, and still can’t get out of bed?

First, make sure you have no health issues going on that are messing with your sleep.

I have sleep apnea, and if you have untreated sleep apnea, you will never feel rested, no matter how much you sleep. So make sure to get yourself checked if you have doubts about your sleep.

Second and last, look up Mel Robbins – the 5 second rule. You probably have heard of her before. If not, you are missing out on some great information. She is awesome.

She teaches about the 5 second rule, and who can better explain this than the boss herself. Also, this is a great technique to use for your whole life, not just getting out of bed.

3. Let’s hydrate that body

It is important to drink a glass of water after you woke up. Why? Because your body needs to be hydrated after all that time it couldn’t when you were asleep.

Don’t go straight for the coffee. It is not that hard to drink just one glass of water, come on, you can do it.

4. Make your bed

A woman making her bed to create her perfect morning routine

According to Navy Seal, Admiral William McRaven, the first task you need to do in the morning is making your bed.

His reason for this specific task? It will give you a feeling of accomplishment, right at the very start.

It will encourage you to to keep doing tasks after it. Does it work?


I have been making my bed in the morning. I do drink some water first, but right after that, it is time to make the bed.

And it feels good. It is such a small task, but it makes me feel ready for the whole day. Go try it yourself.

5. Stay off your phone untill your morning routine is done

This is an immensly important habit. If you truly want to start your morning in the most ideal way, stay off your phone.

It is hard. I know. I have been doing it for a while now. But even though it is sometimes still hard, it keeps my mind clear and calm. No distractions, no information to process so early in the day.

It is so calming and it will bring you more focus.

6. Meditate

I love to meditate. Are you not sure if meditation is for you? Go check out my article “7 myths about meditation to stop believing” where I will explain to you what mediation is, and what it isn’t.

After I had some water and made my bed, I go sit on my couch in the living room. I turn on a light, but I make sure it is not too bright, I want to hold on to the calm setting a little while longer and not disturb my inner peace with bright lights.

A young woman meditating for her perfect morning routine

To meditate I use the app Meditation Moments by Michael Pilarczyk. The app is available in English and in Dutch. And it has been my favorite meditation app so far.

I have used Headspace too, and yes I think headspace is great. But there is something about Michael’s voice that makes me so relaxed that I don’t want anything else for now. And yes it sounds creepy, but I mean this in a non-creepy way, obviously.

Also the music on this app.. oh my god, it is amazing. And no, this is not sponsored. I WISH! The music on this app has really made it so easy for me to meditate.

Okay, enough praising done here. I was talking about how I begin my day with meditation after making my bed and drinking a minimum of 1 glass of water.

I meditate somewhere between 10 to 30 minutes every morning. And it has been life-changing for me. When I start my day with meditation, I feel less stressed throughout the day.

When I don’t meditate, I feel way more stressed. Amazing how just 10 (or start with 5) minutes can impact your whole day. Your whole life.

7. Write down your intention of the day

What will make you happy today? If (fill in yourself) happens, that will make this day the best it can be.

What will make you feel satisfied when you will go to sleep?

Write it all down. Make sure that you check it at the end of the day and see how well you did.

Keep in mind, that even when you don’t accomplish what you wanted, that doesn’t mean you failed. Every experience will teach you something.

There are no mistakes, just opportunities to learn and grow as a person.

8. Eat a healthy (or not so healthy) breakfast

I am not here to tell you what to eat. But I will tell you that your body needs fuel, and that fuel is food.

For me, I need food in the morning. I am pretty hungry right from the moment I wake up.

This morning I made delicous French Toast and posted them om my Instagram feed:

Keep in mind that everyone is different. For me personally, I need a good and healthy breakfast to function. If you can’t eat a big meal in the morning, eat something little. Just something to keep your body going.

9. Get moving (or do a full workout)

I don’t care if you do a full workout or if you just stretch your body. Do something. Let your body know you are awake and ready to start.

Also, when you exercise, it will help you sleep better. And better sleep means a better morning routine. It’s a win-win for real.

10. Take a shower and create a skincare routine

Woman doing her skincare routine for her perfect morning routine

I love taking a shower in the morning. Not a cold one, but nice and warm. Maybe a hot shower is not the best for “waking up”, but I am already awake at this point, and I just want to feel relaxed. Hot water = relaxing = me happy.

Also, take care of your skin. I am not a skincare expert/dermatologist so I don’t know enough about skincare to give advice. But I do know that skincare is essential for a good morning routine.

You don’t have to complicate it with 30 different products. I use a Dutch line called “dead sea salt” by De Tuinen (Holland & Barret), I use it because it is hypoallergenic and affordable.

Taking care of my skin makes me feel really good. It is a huge part of my self-care routine and I think it is very important.

These are the steps of my skincare routine in the morning after showering:

  1. I start with a cleansing milk that I apply on my face
  2. Then I clean my face with a tonic
  3. I apply a serum
  4. I apply eye cream
  5. Now it is time for day cream (I have on that is also a night cream)
  6. If my skin feels really dry (I have super dry skin) I apply the “extra” cream. It is an extra thick fatty cream.
  7. As the last step, I apply 100% pure Almond Oil and I love it!

See how a skincare routine doesn’t have to be super complicated or expensive.

Do what feels good to you.

It is important to do what you feel is best. Just because you read online that taking a cold shower will benefit you in the morning. That doesn’t mean it will benefit you. It is all about choosing what works for you.

Only when you choose something you genuinely like, you will be able to keep up with it.

11. Read a few pages of your favorite book

A woman reading a book for her perfect morning routine

After the hot shower and doing my skincare routine, I get dressed and open the curtains. I find a comfy place to sit and start reading a few pages of the book I am reading at that time.

At this moment, I am reading “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle, and I can really recommend this book!

I love how after the busy moments of my morning routine (workout/showering) I take a moment to relax again. This really works for me to keep a calm mindset.

12. Sit in total silence for a bit before you start your day

When I am done reading and it is almost time to start my day. I take a few minutes to sit in total silence. No meditation, no lists, no showers, no books.. just nothing. Nothing but silence.

It has been really great to do this. It doesn’t have to be a long time, like I said, just a few minutes (let’s say 5) are enough. This will really help you to start your day super focused and relaxed.

One more time: the 12 habits that will help you build your perfect morning routine

  1. Wake up early (earlier)
  2. Don’t snooze
  3. Drink water
  4. Make your bed
  5. Stay off your phone
  6. Meditate
  7. Write down your intention of the day
  8. Eat breakfast
  9. Get moving
  10. Take a shower and create a skincare routine
  11. Read a few pages of your favorite book
  12. Sit in total silence before you start your day

I would like to know your thoughts on this morning routine. Do you think you will use it? Do you have a morning routine? Let me know what works for you, that way we can all learn from each other and be inspired.

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