30 FREE Positive Affirmation cards for more Self-love

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We can all use some extra help in our self-love journey and for that reason, I made 30 positive affirmation cards that you can download for free. Yes, totally free.

You can print them out, keep them on your phone, anything you want. They will remind you to stay positive during the day. So it is best you keep them at a place where you will see them regularly.

This article about 30 positive affirmations for more self-love that I wrote is a must-read to help you use these affirmation cards.

In that article, I tell you what affirmations are and how you can use them. Everything you need to know to use these cards in the best way.

Also, if you are working on self-love, I made this awesome self-love workbook, also for free! This over 30 pages self-love workbook for beginners is very helpful if you just started your self-love journey and want some guidance and help to make the changes you want. It also contains a self-love planner to track your habits every week.

Okay, enough about talk about my other work, let’s get to the cards!

30 Positive Affirmation cards to use for more Self-love

In this amazing free pack of positive affirmation cards you will find all these cute cards:

Aren’t these cards super cute?! I love them, and I use them myself too, obviously! I would never make products I wouldn’t use myself.

These cards are in A6 format (change the settings of your printer for printing in this format) and will be in a ZIP file. They can also be printed in any other size, you will have to adjust the settings of your printer.

Tip: read this article for help printing in A6 size

Don’t know how to open a zip file? No worries. If you download the cards, you will be automatically subscribed to my newsletter (don’t worry, no spamming), and you will have access to my VIP account where you can download the cards in PDF.

VIP ACCOUNT????? yes!

I have a password-protected VIP page. Once you subscribe, you will have access to ALL MY FREE PRINTABLES that I have made and will make. And just so you know, I am planning on making A LOT.

So make sure you regularly check my blog, and don’t worry, if anything new is posted I will let you know.

Now lets DOWNLOAD these cards

To download these pretty cards, click !!!HERE!!!

Thank you so much for downloading these cards. It means a lot to me that people love the stuff I make.

Please let me know what you think of these cards and let me know if you have any suggestions for future free printables. You can leave a comment or send me an e-mail at

I hope you enjoy the cards and that I will see you again soon.

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