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92 things to do when you’re bored at home

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Out of ideas what to do? Don’t worry. I got you. I made the ultimate list for you! A list of 92 things to do when you’re bored at home, so you never HAVE to be bored again.

I know that the feeling of being bored is so bad to feel. It can make your mind go to places you rather not go. Especially since we spend a lot of time at home these days, it is very important that we don’t feel bored and we keep things as fun as possible.

I got some experience at being home, I am chronically ill and I have spent 7 years of my life at home (I am 30 years old right now). So I think that you could call me an expert of fighting the feeling of being bored. So trust me when I tell you that this list will for sure help you stop feeling like that.

Are you ready?

Let’s go.

The ultimate list: 92 things to do when you’re bored at home

1. Binge-watch all the show you ever wanted to see (WITH YOUR FRIENDS)

Woman sitting on the couch watching TV with a cup of tea, things to do when bored

Put on your favorite movie or series and binge-watch it alone or together with your friends. Install Teleparty for Netflix or watch The Mandalorian with your friends with GroupWatch on Disney+, where you can add 6 friends to watch with. This way you can still be together with your friends, sounds like fun doesn’t it?

2. Puzzle Time!
Okay, let’s not make this an easy one. How about you pick a puzzle with AT LEAST 1000 pieces in your favorite theme. Maybe you like unicorns, or maybe you like Harry Potter, either way, pick one you absolutely love. This way it is easier to stay motivated to finish it. When you are done with the puzzle you could frame it and hang it at a special place in your house.

3. Diamond Painting

Diamond painting with colorful diamonds, things to do when bored

Have you ever heard of Diamond Painting? I hadn’t heard of it until a few months back. I am going to be honest, I didn’t think I would like it, AT ALL. Well.. guess who Diamond Paints every week now? Yes me.

With Diamond Painting you have thousands of small stones/diamonds that you have to put on a sticky canvas with numbers and symbols. There are many tutorials to find on YouTube that will tell you exactly how to do it the best way. Very fun to do! Check this beginner tutorial out:

4. Read a book
Yes, I know. Not very original. But reading is so much fun and it is hard to find the time to do it. But since we now are spending more time at our homes, NOW is the time to go read that book that is collecting dust on your bookshelf. No more excuses. It will definitely stop you from feeling bored.

5. Teach your pet a new trick
If you have a dog and you always wanted to train him/her but never found the time. Go for it! Don’t have a dog? Trust me, you can teach your cat, horse, hamster and goldfish anything according to YouTube, so try it out.

6. Clean and organize your desk/home office
Oh boy. Doesn’t your desk/home office get so unorganized during the day/week? No more! Go organize this once and for all so that you can be more productive during the day.

7. Does it SPARK JOY?!

folding clothes like Marie Kondo, things to do when bored

Okay, you know it is time for some drastic measures when you look at your closet. Marie Kondo is the lady you want for this. You can find her cleaning/organizing MAGIC on Netflix, and she has a few books too.

Fun fact. I did this myself. Oh… how I regretted it when ALL my clothes, like literally ALL my clothes, were on a pile. I wanted to cry. But, I pushed through, and now even after many months, my closet is nice and tidy and sparks so much JOY.

8. Deep Clean your entire house
Doesn’t sound like much fun now does it? But you will LOVE your house after the deep clean, so why not do it? Need some motivation? Did somebody say YouTube?

9. Play Video Games

Woman and daugther playing a video game, things to do when bored

Now this is FUN. Not a gamer? Become one! Embrace your inner gamer, do not hold back. Also very fun to do if you have kids, how cool are you if you will play video games with them. Score some points being the cool dad and cool mom. And how about online games, stay connected with your friends and have some fun!

10. Write a book
Is writing your own book listed on your bucket list? What excuses do you have for not starting to write it? Is one of them TIME? Well…. that excuse does not work anymore. So instead of thinking of new excuses why this is just not the right moment. Start writing. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just start. You can do this.

11. Become a painter

Woman painting

Doesn’t painting look like a lot of fun? I know I think it does. And you know what, you don’t even have to be good at it, as long as you have fun. And who knows, maybe you will find some hidden talent and you will find your new passion. It is worth a try.

12. Get moving and do a workout
Spending more time at home is not an excuse for not working out. There are so many great workout options to do at home. Even if it is just 10 minutes, 10 minutes is more than 0 minutes. Do what you can.

To make it easy for you, I listed 5 workout video’s from YouTube for you.

13. Organize all the photos on your PC/Laptop
Does your computer have a lot of photo’s that you still need to organize? Let’s do it! Put them in maps with the event and date and this way you can always find them back. No more endless searching for that ONE photo you needed.

14. Organize your e-mail inbox
Does your e-mail account has countless pages of e-mails? Do you always avoid doing this? Are you REALLY BORED? The time has come to tackle this. Good luck.

15. Call a friend/family

woman on phone calling

After all that organizing, you need some mental support. So it is the perfect time to call your friend or your mom. Now that you spend more time at home, make it a habit to check in on your friends and family more. It doesn’t always have to be a call, you can also send them a text on WhatsApp. It is nice to know someone is thinking of you and it is a small effort to do. Stay connected.

16. Find a Pen pal
Are you, besides feeling bored, feeling alone too? This is the perfect moment for you to find yourself a nice pen friend. You are not alone in feeling alone. This way you can have some fun writing and make new friends from all over the world.

17. Make cards and send them to your friends and family

Hands of a woman making her own cards to send

When you are bored, it is great to be creative. So why not make some cards and send them to your friends and family? Everyone can use some extra love these days. I am sure that everyone that will receive a card from you will feel really special and happy. So why wait doing this?

18. Send cards to your friends and family
Not that creative? No problem. You can still send cards to your family and friends, you just buy them instead of making them yourself. It’s the idea that counts. Getting a card from you will cheer a lot of people up.

19. Learn to play an instrument
Does music always cheer you up? How about making some yourself! Get yourself a guitar to start with, or maybe a friend has a keyboard they do not use? See if you like it, just try it.

I play piano and the guitar myself, and never had an official lesson, also I can’t read music notes. You can find tons of YouTube videos that will help you get started. Also I can confirm that playing an instrument really helps with not feeling bored.

20. Dance like nobody is watching!

blonde woman dancing on her sofa

Dancing is a great way to feel happy. So, do you want to stop feeling bored and be happy at the same time? Turn that volume up and dance like nobody can see you!

21. Update your Spotify playlists and make new ones
When you are done dancing, make some new playlists. Find some new inspiration and motivation. It is always fun to listen to a new set of songs instead of always listening to the same ones. It will give you new energy right away.

22. Organize your pantry HOME EDIT style
Okay, you have seen the Home Edit on Netflix have you? If not, go watch it ASAP. It is all I want in live right now, to have a pantry like that. You will know it when you see it. Trust me.

23. Declutter your kitchen
Ah well, let’s tackle the kitchen too while we are at it, okay? The kitchen usually is a place in our homes where we spend a lot of time. So it is important that everything is easy accessible and that it gives you a feeling of calmness and inspiration. Do you have no idea where to start? Read this!

24. Learn how to knit

woman hands knitting, things to do when bored

Haven’t you heard? Knitting is HOT! Pinterest is full of inspiration for knitting. So let’s get started and make your own boards full of ideas you want to make. There are a lot of awesome profiles to follow if you LOVE knitting.

25. Get lost in the rabbit hole of YouTube
Be careful, we might need to send a rescue team. Once you open the app, you are on your own. Watch funny videos, tutorials, vlogs, music videos, everything you want to see (and don’t want to see) is on YouTube.

26. Make your own storage boxes from cardboard boxes
Feeling creative and need to organize your stuff in storage boxes? This is the perfect time to use your old cardboard boxes and put them to good use making your own storage boxes. YouTube is filled with tutorials.

27. Finally get some green fingers and make a vegetable garden
Did you always wanted to have green fingers, or maybe you already have them. How about put them to good use, and grow a vegetable garden? In this video Carrie Rad will explain to you how to start one. Doesn’t it sound amazing to grow your own veggies? And the best, it doesn’t look that hard to do.

28. Get cooking! Learn some new recipes

variety of ingredients to cook with, flatlay

Get that apron, put it on, and get started. You finally have time to make that recipe you always wanted to make, no more excuses.

29. Write down your recipes in a recipe book (or make one)
Do you have your recipes written down on different pieces of paper? It is time to organize yours asap. You don’t need to buy a fancy recipe book, you can find a lot of DIY ideas on YouTube.

30. Time to relax, put on a face mask
Let’s hydrate! Buy some face masks or make your own. It is time to chill and relax. You deserve it. Always.

31. Paint your nails in a way you would never do

Colorful shiny painted nails and make up on a woman with painted sunglasses

Try something new! Go crazy. It’s not like a lot of people will see you anyways. Paint your nails a color you wouldn’t wear normally. Maybe you will love it so much that it will become your new go to color/style.

32. Learn a new language
With all these apps for learning a new language, it is as easy as they can make it to learn a new language. Maybe try French? Or Spanish? Or maybe you want to go for Dutch. Apps like Duolingo, make it fun and easy.

33. Sing like no one is listening!
After you danced like nobody was watching. It is time to sing like nobody is listening. Who cares if you can’t sing. It is SO MUCH FUN. And who knows, maybe you can sing like Adele or Beyonce?

34. Just chill and listen to music

woman listening to music with her eyes closed, relaxed

You don’t need to dance or sing to enjoy music. It is also fun to just chill, relax and listen to your favorite songs. Maybe even daydream about your next vacation. Spain? Beaches? Cocktails? Oh boy….

35. Write a letter to yourself that you will open 5 years from now
2026 will be the year you will open this letter. We tend to forget bad times as soon as life will get back to normal. This letter will remind you to always appreciate the small things and be humble.

36. Drawing
No matter if you are a beginner or advanced, drawing is a great way to pass time. Don’t know where to start? Watch this!

37. Train your brain with some crosswords puzzles
The app store is filled with free brain puzzles, let’s goooo.

38. Bake cupcakes and decorate them

pink decorated cupcakes

These cupcakes look YUMMY! But for you to eat them, you have to make them. I can’t wait to bake mine. So delicious. Also very fun to do if you have kids, let them help make the batter and decorate the cupcakes.

39. Queen B
For the few of us that haven’t watched it yet. Watch the WHOLE Homecoming: A film by Beyonce on Netflix. EPIC. All the single ladies….

40. Cuddle with your pets
I mean. Why wouldn’t you? It’s a win-win situation. You get attention and your pet gets attention. We all need some extra love. Go cuddle.

41. Podcast!
Find podcasts on Spotify and make it a habit to listen to them for a bit every day.

42. Experiment with makeup

Woman with make up brushes

Why not? Now is the perfect time. Nobody will see you at home if you fail. And good chance you will give yourself a good laugh.

43. Start a YouTube Channel
Okay hold up. Maybe that experiment with make-up made you aware of some hidden talent. You could make beauty tutorials on YouTube. Is beauty and make up not your thing? You could do music, gardening tips, pets, vlogs and so so much more.

44. Get a hair mask (or make it yourself)
Don’t just hydrate your skin, your hair needs some extra love too. You want to make the hair mask yourself? I have some ideas for you.

45. Paint by numbers
This is a really cool thing to do. Don’t know what I am talking about? THIS is by painting by numbers.

46. Sort clothes/anything really, to donate
Did you do the Marie Kondo magic to your closet? Make piles to donate, also go through other areas of your house. Do you really need all of it? Donate what you can and don’t really use anyways. You will make someone else really happy.

47. Do some online shopping
Okay, don’t go shopping if you don’t need to. But sometimes it can be so much fun to buy some new clothes. Also, you can find some great vintage stores online too! Treat yourself.

48. (Learn how to) meditate

Woman meditating

If you never meditated before, it is time you start. Don’t worry. You don’t need to do it perfect, all you need to do is start. And let it happen. Get an app like Headspace or Calm, and they will guide you.

If you have meditated before. Maybe you want to do it more? Or longer? Either way, let’s keep giving your mind that break it needs.

49. Start writing in a diary
If there was a perfect time to start a diary, it is now. Write down everything that is going on in your life. It is a great way to process everything, and it will give you a lot of perspective when you will read it back years and years later.

50. Make photobooks of your favorite moments
Did you sort the photos on your pc/laptop? It is time to reward yourself with a nice photobook. Now that everything is organized, you will make the photobook in no time. You could make one of your last vacation and relive all the memories again. Or maybe you want to make one of a birthday? So many options. So much time.

51. Take a hot bath or shower and relax

Woman relaxing with her eyes closed in a bathtub

A hot bath or shower will relax you right away, and it so much fun to do. Light a scented candle, put on some slow music and you will be relaxing in no time. Also really nice to do before you go to sleep.

52. Make a Vision Board
A vision board is a board where you put everything on that you dream of. Could be about work, your personal life, your dream house, anything you want. The idea is, when putting this vision board in your sight, you will be reminded of your goals all the time and will achieve them sooner. Need some inspiration? Click HERE.

53. Let’s Pinterest
Pinterest is great for all kinds of inspiration. Especially for home decor and food. So do you need some inspiration for your garden, kitchen, bedroom, easy recipes? Pinterest is the place to be, get pinning.

54. Make a list with all the countries you want to visit one day

Someone holding a globe in their handpalm. Things to do when bored

Start fantasizing about all the beautiful places and countries you would want to visit one day. Fun idea: buy a world map and pin all the countries you have visited, this way you can add more pins as you go.

55. Play games
No not video games, but boardgames! Get comfy with your family and have some fun.

56. Get a canvas of your favorite photo
Select your favorite photo, could be of your cat, your kids and maybe you want a picture of yourself, and order it to be printed out on a canvas. You will definitely spend some time selecting a good picture that you want in your house.

57. Watch cat videos on YouTube
I know I mentioned YouTube before. But cat videos deserve a special place. Am I right?!

58. Organize ALL your files on your pc/laptop

Woman's hand typing on a laptop

After organizing your photos, now it is time to organize your files. I know, it is no fun. But you will be so happy when it is done.

59. Back up ALL the files on your pc/laptop
Before you get started organizing, make sure to back up everything. You don’t want to lose important files and photos by pressing a wrong key.

60. Pedicure time
Give those feet some love. Come on. Paint those nails and maybe your partner can massage them? Just a tip….

61. Update your CV
Yes, BORING. But also very needed. So just do it.

62. Make your own yogurt

Bowls of yoghurt with blueberries

Did you know you can easily make your own yogurt? No? Give it a try. Sounds like fun, and tasty! Win-Win.

63. Watch old family movies
Nostalgia here we come. Also, get some tissues.

64. Sort the photos on your phone
Did you sort the photos on your pc/laptop? DO NOT forget to do the same for your phone. You will be amazed how many photos you have on there…. don’t ask me how I know.

65. Clean all your makeup brushes
Be honest, do you clean your brushes often? Not judging, just asking. But.. you should really clean them.

66. UNFOLLOW every account on Instagram that doesn’t make you feel good
Why clean everything in your house but not clean your mind too? Unfollow every account that doesn’t really make you happy. It is okay to unfollow. It is okay to choose your own happiness. If you notice a certain account triggers you, just unfollow.

67. Clear space on your phone
Get rid of all those apps you never use.

68. Cut and/or color your OWN hair (at your own risk….)

Woman with long rainbow collored hair

Now, before you go get a scissors and buy hair color, THINK for a minute. Yes, hair grows back, but I don’t want to see you end up in tears. However… it is also a lot of FUN to experiment with your own hair. So, ask yourself this: are you okay with it possibly turning out horrible? If yes, go for it. If not, choose one of the other 91 things to do, okay. Promise?

69. Discover new music on Spotify
How fun is it to just type in a word and see what comes up. Try it. You might end up finding your new favorite song.

70. Start a TikTok account
If you have ambitions to be a famous TikTokker (is that a word?), go for it. Nobody is stopping you. Also watching TikTok will cure your feeling of being bored.

71. Do an online course
There are so many online courses to follow. If you want to learn something new, like digital marketing or communication or any other course, get studying.

72. Sort your shoes
Do you really need all these shoes? Donate the ones you never wear.

73. Sort your bags
Same goes for your bags as for your shoes. How many bags do you have? How many do you need…

74. Make your own SUSHI!

Woman looking at a piece of sushi thinking it is yummy

Make your own sushi! It is not that hard, trust me, I did it myself. It saves you a lot of money too. I found you a nice tutorial that will show you exactly how to make sushi if you never made it before.

75. Fix things!
Fix all the things in your house that you never had time for. That excuse does not work anymore my friend.

76. Organize and sort out your jewelry
Who needs 100 pieces of earrings? Pick the ones you want to keep, donate the rest. And yes, throw away the lonely pieces that haven’t seen their other half in ages. If you haven’t found the lost piece in 5 years, you will most likely never find it again. Sorry.

77. Unsubscribe!
Does your inbox get spammed with all these e-mails you once (unknowingly) subscribed for? It is time to unsubscribe. Now.

I did this myself too and it is a bit of work, but I am so happy that I did this.

78. Move your furniture around
You would be surprised how different your living room can look if you just move a few pieces of furniture around. You get a whole new look, for FREE.

79. Make your own jewelry

Home made jewelry

You get to be creative and get an awesome product at the end. That sounds like a good deal to me.

80. Clean your washing machine/dryer/dish washer
Oh so fun. But you will be so glad when it is over and you will be cleaning your clothes and dishes in a CLEAN machine. Am I right?

81. Take a nap
Taking a nap is ALWAYS a good idea. Sleep is always a good idea. Get comfy, drink some hot milk and take that well deserved nap.

81. Hand Lettering


Hand lettering is very popular at the moment. And I understand why. It looks so pretty. Why not try it? There are many Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube accounts that will help you get started. Or just stare at all the pretty things they post, that is what I do.

Follow tip:

82. Let’s get painting!
Paint your walls a new color. Look how different your whole room looks with spending not a lot of money and with a little effort.

83. Clean that fridge and freezer!
How bored exactly are you? Level 1 is a little bored and level 10 is SUPER bored. What level are you at? I would go for this if you are at least at a level 7 of being bored. Good luck.

84. Start a Instagram account for your pets
You will be surprised how many pet accounts there are on Instagram, and how many are really popular! So, take some cute pics of your pet and post that cutie.

85. Make Christmas cards

Christmas cards home made, things to do when bored

It is NEVER too early to make Christmas cards. Never. Seriously, never. And it helps you to stop feeling bored. So it is always the right time for Christmas cards.

86. Get on a group call with your friends and family
Facetime with a group of friends or with your family. Pour yourself a glass of wine, get some snacks, and it is like a normal night in the weekend.

87. Make your own Face Masks to help keep you and others safe

Face Masks for Covid

It is not hard to do, and you got time. Make some face masks for yourself and maybe some of your friends and family would want some too. Check this video out if you want to know how to make them.

88. Take a chill day in bed, the WHOLE DAY
Who cares? Chill in bed for a day and watch Bridget Jones Diary. Sounds good to me.

89. Learn that one thing you always wanted to learn but never did.
What this is… is up to you. Let me know in the comments what you always wanted to learn.

90. Start a Blog!
Starting a blog is a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun too! If you love to write, it is worth a try. Go for it. Trust me when I tell you that feeling bored is over when you start a blog! Haha..

91. Tie-Dye everything you can find

Tie-Dye paint and t-shirt, things to do when bored

Well not everything. But how about your bed cover and some t-shirts, oh and that old jeans? That’s a good start. And you for sure won’t get bored doing this.

You don’t have to do anything at all. Take a cup of tea, sit on your couch and just enjoy the silence. It is okay to do nothing. Feeling bored can sometimes be a good thing.

My favorite thing to do on this list is obviously starting a blog. I am curious about you, what is your favorite thing to do that is on this list? If your favorite thing to do is not on this list, please add this in the comments. That way we can keep growing this list.

Wow – it is done!

The list is DONE. I gave you 92 things to do for when you’re bored at home. And I hope you will NEVER will feel bored again. I am sure you have found some things you will try and do that were on this list.

If you liked this article and liked these tips, please share this with your friends and family (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, anywhere where you want). That would be highly appreciated.

Nobody should feel bored, so let’s help each other out.

xxx, maris

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